Chock full of charm and brimming with rich history, St. Mary’s County is a true one of a kind community. Situated on a peninsula, St. Mary’s County boasts 500 miles of stunning shoreline, five state parks and more, all tucked between the Patuxent and Potomac rivers and the Chesapeake Bay. It’s scenic landscape is only one of the major reasons why people want to live here.

St. Mary’s County is considered to be the birthplace of Maryland and it has a storied past dating back more than 400 years. Residents here enjoy the present moment and embrace the past that has made the community what it is today. Re-enactments and historic monuments and movements are commonplace here. And even to this day, St. Mary’s County sets standards high and above everyone else.

Living and Working in St. Mary’s County

The county has the highest percentage of high-tech employment in the region and has the third-fastest annual growth rate in the state, for good reason. In fact, according to statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 109,600 people live in St. Mary’s County today. It has the fastest growing workforce and the youngest average population in the state.

As the site of the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command, which includes the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, St. Mary’s County also has the largest concentration of military veterans in the state. This community is home to a diverse workforce with plenty of opportunities for employment. According to the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, some of the major employers in the region include Arc of Southern Maryland, B&B Maintenance of Maryland, Bae Systems Applied Technology, Bay Community Services and Booz Allen & Hamilton.

St. Mary’s County is also a great place for secondary education. Home to Southern Maryland Higher Education Center, College of Southern Maryland, St. Mary’s College, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and more, the county provides opportunities to people of all ages who may want to take their education to the next level.

Having Fun in St. Mary’s County

St. Mary’s County residents have entertainment and activities at their doorstep as roughly 50 major festivals and events take place each year, and in addition to that there is a wide range of things to do.

As the first colony of Maryland, historical sites and attractions are a plenty, in addition to attractions like wineries, wildlife centers and water activities are equally as abundant. Those wanting to get close to nature can enjoy the state parks and beaches along the Patuxent and Potomac rivers.

Located in the heart of the county, St. Mary’s River State Park features a stunning 7.5-mile bike course as well as a 250-acre fishing lake and 2,200 acres of hunting land.

St. Mary’s County is truly a gem of a community. With enough resources to serve as an idyllic vacation getaway but secret enough that many national travelers are unaware of its beauty, St. Mary’s County residents can feel as though they are vacationing at every moment without the hassle of dealing with dense travel seasons.



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